Health Is Wealth!

I’m one of those that always say “I can’t fall sick, I’m blessed that my immune system is stronger than cement” Ha LOL and in as much as its true, waking up at 4am to puke (vomit) your guts out kinda distorts the fantasy. All i know is being down with malaria this past couple of days has informed me in a rather harsh way that your damn health, is your friggin’ wealth. Exhibit A; some of the simplest tasks we do like eating, taking a walk or even just feeling fine and well centered all the time gets shaken up and sometimes it could be because of  a little flue (flu, just thought spelling it that way could be fun 🙂 not to mention the awful feeling of weakness,despair and just urrrrhggg- ness (that’s a word people), the taste of medicine in your mouth, everything about being sick is really sad.  I’ve started to believe as a christian girl that sometimes God throws these up’s and down’s our way to remind us of a few things. For example in my case, to learn how to appreciate my health and also to kinda expose or bring out those that care for you (in my own opinion). I mean to be honest now days when people we know fall sick unless we are really close to them, people will just text you a get well soon emoji and honestly we are all guilty of this. Anyways it kinda brings out those guys who would go an extra mile for you and its a nice feeling, I  thank God that I’m healed and alive and feeling great again. Just remember to put your health first guys, you gotta live to see your dreams come true.

Lessons From the book of Daniel

We need to develop a deep relationship with God to the extent where we still believe in him whether we see results or not. We need to be conversant with the phrase “He’s able” and arrive at a point in our lives where we talk to him and flow with him whether in lack or plenty. Even at the times when you most need him and there’s no sign of him yet, we need to remember that God never fails and all things work out for the Good of those who love and trust the Lord. God is still God and we should approach him like a father and not just a king.

God does not dwell in fear, anything we are doing or pursuing and it’s coming out of fear, God is not in it. You want to marry because you’re scared of loneliness ( that’s not God) or you want to achieve fame because of your insecurities that stem from fear (no God either).Our God is a God of confidence, love, boldness, authenticity, free will and so much more, you want to date because you are afraid no one wants you (that can’t be right). Everything in the kingdom is birthed out of the Spirit of the Lord, Love, purpose and so much more.

God is not shady and doesn’t do things just for just. The bible says his words sent from him do that which he hath sent it for and this should be for us too, not just bouncing around our christian walk. We need to be intentional about everything, not scared, timid or afraid. But aim to be Intentional, positive, fully sober in everything we do. The story of Daniel is beautiful as it potrays an unfailing trust and love a Hebrew man has for his God and a strength of character.
(Hoping to write more about this in the near future).

Destruction has noise, but Creation is silent

Have you ever wondered why when we fail in life, fall down (literally) to the ground or make mistakes there seems to be a lot of noise, talk and drama around it. Well that’s just because, ” A seed grows with no sound but a tree falls with huge noise”. Destruction, chaos and challenges are loud and there’s no way around it. So our fear of failure that’s holding us back from achieving certain things in life is a roadblock that we need to overcome because whether you like it or not we have got to fall down to be able to get back up. But! There is beauty in silence. Beauty in keeping your moves to yourself and just growing and evolving quietly. The process that makes you the GEM that people will admire tomorrow is silent, the victories and the roadblocks you celebrate and overcome are silent. As long as you’re in the process of creating something in this life, it will be silent. Possibly even the greater the project, the more silent you should be. Why? In your success remain silent, as there is power in your silence. Even Our Lord Jesus Christ, although much was already written about him and his life long before he came, he kept a great magnitude of silence around his life. Because it’s important to grow silently and cultivate in silence.


God Is Good!

All the time.
Many of us have heard this statement before, to which we even reply “all the time”! And when asked how good he is , we mention that we are alive because of him, our friends and family’s well being, our secure jobs and so much more. Which are all great.
God indeed is really good. But today let’s look at God’s greatness, from a different point of view let’s look at some other good things God is good for.
For example , God is good in my country we don’t have wars or bad outbreaks of some diseases.
God is good that although we go through alot of fire in this world, our reward is greater.
God is good because out of his love, he remembers all of us through his son Jesus Christ.
God is Good!
For a mom, don’t think of the obvious. Try to go deeper. Try to reach to the hard core stuff. The stuff that really makes the statement God is good spring to life.
Maybe you should have been dead, maybe they didn’t want you to be a Christian. But somehow , somewhere. You’re the only one that made it.
Maybe other ministries failed, other’s didn’t realize their dreams. How about the time of your breakthrough? When you had to pinch yourself coz the Lord God had decided to remember you that time?
Somebody remember why God is really good. You had a past, that even pastor’s were afraid for you but today only the smile on your face is enough to silence the haters.
For me it’s the wisdom, knowledge, the renewed mind, the exposure to truth and the gift of the holy Spirit. The freedom. God is really good!
He picks you up, washes you up clean, rebukes the devourers for your sake and calls you his annoited. Haha.    When acknowledging God’s greatness, its important to understand its deeper than the physical and material things. It’s a ♥ condition.                                    How many people here on this earth are this lucky?

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Creative story ~ Freedom In His Right

My passion for writing keeps growing everyday and trying my hand at creative stories is as nerve wrecking but still worth it. Please feel free to comment, I’d love some feedback and enjoy!

Freedom in his right

Oshe was born under the sky, in the presence of the beautiful stars, the moon and the coolness of the night. His mother terribly regretted this act, but circumstances had led her to the middle of nowhere, painfully in labor and a baby fighting to come out.
This birth was not in the manner of the spirits; therefore it would not be easily forgotten. Preferably a shrine was to be built by the baby’s father 6 months earlier; this was to make the spirits comfortable and in charge for the birth of one’s child.
In oluru village, everyone was with the spirits. No man was above them, not the sky or the earth. The spirits had power to give and take life, allow or deny child births and marriages. Accordingly, people depended on the spirits.
Oshe however grew up to be the talk of the village, the only male child born without ancestors having command over his destiny.
His mother and father, furious at themselves for disappointing the “good” spirits, vowed to raise their first born child just like the rest of the children.
For they believed, if at least he was not born of, he would be taught how to live like.
An obedient and strong boy, his childhood was marked with countless visits to the shrine, dancing around a fetish priest, who drummed and summoned the spirits to take form in the children as they playfully, chased each other around the man. He looked funny to them with his painted face.
Slowly with heavy sacrifices from his parents, Oshe was accepted into the small community. He was, at least according to the spirits, who dictated everything.
A smile finally returned to his mother’s face, his father proudly carried him around. A few judged, but acceptance was finally in the air.
Oshe always had a fascination for hunting although he didn’t really take part in the chase of animals for food. He enjoyed the careless wandering around, exploring and feeding his curiosity, something his father noticed and later noted to his mother.
It was a rare trait. Most of the children were rarely interested in anything but what the spirits defined for them to do. There was no free-will.
Once, he escorted his father to hunt; Oshe now around the age of 12 trailed slowly behind the men, greatly admiring the plants and insects in the forest.
It was not long before he got lost from his father and other hunters.He moved along flatland for quite a while before he realized he could not find his way home.
Filled with sorrow and regret, he burst into tears and sobbed for a while before reminding himself that men in the community did not shed tears, instead they found a way out of whichever difficult situation they faced.
He sat cross legged and decided to summon the spirits for guidance. Strong winds howled in the dark throughout the land but Oshe didn’t hear a voice nor feel anything. Never in his life had he doubted the power of ancestral spirits, and he wasn’t going to start now.
So patiently he waited, but before he called out to the spirits again.
He looked up to the sky, to chant one more time, and he saw something he didn’t understand at first. He knew they were called stars, his mother had taken time to explain that, but these stars weren’t just scattered as he always saw them peeping through the hole in his room.
They were arranged, all connecting to form a shape. He didn’t grasp it at first then it came to him, it was the frame of Ebo the village comedian; doing one of his acts causing Oshe to burst out laughing. Something he hadn’t done that day.
Then the stars right before his eyes, rearranged to an even funnier act by ebo and this time, oshe rolled over his belly, laughing uncontrollably.
He couldn’t believe the spirits were this comic, so he lifted up his hands to thank the spirits but before a word could escape his mouth, the stars disappeared and the whole sky became blank as before.
Not understanding the meaning of this, he put down his hands. And the sky with all its beauty resurfaced.
Surely he thought, I must give thanks to the spirits and when he lifted his hands in praise of the spirits, the sky went blank. He repeated this 3 times before he realized, this is not something of normal occurrence.
The way the spirits manifested, were not like this. In fact, he was wondering which spirits this could be; usually they came by wind, by possession of people and animals but not from the sky. Not from the stars rearranging themselves to suit his jaws laughing excessively.
Having dropped his hands, the sky reopened and a star that was shining so brightly blinded his eye sight, causing him to lose consciousness. He felt the strength leave his body and he fell to the ground. He had never felt so light. And when his eyes reopened, he was in the middle of a familiar land. Ah, joy filled him; it was his father’s compound.
His parents were very angry and yet concerned, questioning him as to why he decided to wander off.
He tried to explain how he separated from his father, and the way stars showed ebo, but his parents decided he was either bitten by a poisonous snake that caused delusions or the spirits were still punishing them.
He realized their lack of belief, and decided he would never speak of this again. Not to anyone at least. This experience left oshe feeling confused. All his life, he and the village had only known the ways of the spirits.
But he had discovered that there existed another form of power. His young mind did not possibly understand and internalize all this. So he dropped the whole situation, after all no one would believe him, probably might not have even happened.
His mother later suffered a serious illness which claimed her life. It brought terrible grief and sorrow upon their home. By that time he was 18, his father still very wise but weak retired from work. Responsibility fell on him.
A hardworking, stronger and handsome oshe was liked in the village by all. A man now, everyone wondered when he would take a wife. Many village elders, offered their daughters but he took no interest.
Behind his entire perfect image, one single thing bothered oshe, his belief system. Throughout the years, he pretended to be in the spiritual practices, always wondering why the spirits hadn’t struck him already for his heart was never with them.
He seemed to have a mind of his own, always in doubt. Most elders and friends wondered why he was so concerned with everything except what the spirits had set for them to do.
He could not place a finger on it; he could not explain it, something deep down in him was not the same. He actually feared the whole thing, he was afraid, it was almost like he had the power to decide, to choose, and do as he pleases, something no one in the village had ever experienced.
Right from birth you were commanded into a life and you carried your part till death. You did not decide, you followed. The spirits were god over everything and everyone.
Conflicted on the inside, oshe decided to take a long walk alone in the night, when his father would not rebuke him.
The land he settled in unknown to him, was his birthplace, right in the middle of nowhere, under the beautiful stars stretched out far from sight. He lay down, looked up to the stars, and had never felt happier.
At first, he dismissed the thoughts coming to him; things were just popping up in his head. He felt like he was sinning to the spirits just by being there.
After much contemplation, he decided to give in to his thoughts. Oshe who had never spoken above a certain level of tone, screamed, he screamed as loud as his vocal cords could let him.
Then he not caring whoever could be watching began running around screaming, shouting, jumping, rolling on the ground. He went with whatever came to mind and heart. He let loose.
Just like how the animals he had always hunted ran wild and free, so did oshe. He laughed, he cried, he did not limit him self. He threw rocks at stones, and stones at rocks, he kissed the earth, and thought of his mother. He danced by himself like the way he watched the village entertainers do. He sang songs with no care whether they were right or wrong. He just did, as he pleased.
He felt a certain burden leave him, it wasn’t bodily or even mental. It felt intangible. It was freedom. The joy of a free man.